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Jan. 12: This Day in History

On this day, history was made in magic, comic books and television…not to mention the birthday of an iconic hockey and donut franchise legend!

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Geometric Art Using Painter’s Tape

One of the easiest ways to get the creative juices flowing is through art. You may not be a well-renowned painter, sculptor, or musician, but …

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Virtual Learning

As we try to navigate through the physical distancing and other restrictions on our mobility, technology has increased our ability to still connect to the …

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Winter Skin Relief

As winter kicks into high gear, we are quickly reminded to find ways we can keep our skin from drying and cracking under the harshest …

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Chicken Chili

Looking for a hearty, healthy dish this winter? Try this delicious Chicken Chili recipe. It’s not only full of heart-healthy ingredients, but it’s also full …

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Jan. 5: This Day in History

On this day, history was made in Literature, Animation, Music, and Television!

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Fun Facts: Stethoscopes!

You rarely see a doctor without a stethoscope nowadays, but what are its origins!? Stethoscopes have been around for hundreds of years and used primarily …

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