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Jan. 25: This Day in History

#Onthisday in history, we honour the achievements in entertainment, sports, and science! Spend time with your elderly loved one today to reminisce and share stories …

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Tissue Paper Craft

In today’s activity, we are using simple materials to design a winter tree or a theme of your choice! It may take a bit of …

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3 Ways to Protect Yourself from E-mail Scams

For our blog today, we are happy to invite our guest contributor, Remi Goc, President of Ignite Web Solutions to share his top 3 tips …

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Fun Facts: Squirrels!

January 21st celebrates these furry-tailed critters who are typically known for their garden shenanigans! That’s right, it’s #SquirrelAppreciationDay and we thought we would celebrate the …

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Vitamins C & E

In our continuing series on understanding and supporting our Immune System, today’s blog features the benefits of adding Vitamins C and E into our daily …

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Mushroom Soup

One way to boost our immune system is by adding fruits and vegetables to our daily diet. This not only provides a well-balanced meal plan …

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Jan. 18: This Day in History

#Onthisday in history, we celebrate the achievements in television, sports, and the birthday of a beloved author of the Winnie-the-Pooh books – A.A. Milne! Servicing …

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Winter Polar Bear Craft

As we prepare for the colder snowy weather this winter, cozy up with this cute winter polar bear craft! Please note** This activity has a …

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Fun Facts: Penguins

As we begin to feel cooler temperatures and see a bit more snow and ice on the ground, it inspired us to learn more about …

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