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Sock Crafts

Ever wonder what to do with old worn out socks, mismatched pairs, and those elusive single socks that made it through the dryer cycle without their partner? Why not try making pumpkins, cats, or snowmen out of them!

Using simple household materials, a few craft items, some glue, and a little creativity, you can make these adorable decorations for any occasion! try it with your loved ones today!


  • Socks of any kind, colour, and length

  • Rice (raw) or cotton batting (used for stuffing socks)

  • Rubber bands or string/ribbon

  • Hot glue gun or strong adhesive craft glue

  • Craft accessories, such as felt, buttons, sequins, fabric, foam cut-outs, etc. 



  1. Use small socks for smaller shapes like a cat or a pumpkin, or long socks for a tall snowman, caterpillar or bunny.

  2. Using the sock, fill it with rice or cotton batting to an amount that works best for your shape. Ensure that the sock is filled so that it doesn’t sag or wrinkle.

  3. Tie the end with a rubber band or ribbon, making sure it is cinched tight so that the stuffing material doesn’t fall out. Cinch in multiple locations depending on your shape. If you have any excess sock material, you may either flip it over the stuffed area and cinch again, or simply cut off the excess and use for decorative accessories like a hat, a bow tie, etc.

  4. Make sure your shape can stand on its own. This may require a bit of shifting of rice grains or cotton batten.

  5. Using the accessories you have gathered, begin to decorate the shape. Perhaps use buttons for eyes, foam cut-outs for feet or mouth, or design you own using felt. Glue pieces using a hot glue gun or strong adhesive craft glue.

**Be careful when using the hot glue gun, as it can burn skin. Make sure to unplug it and let it cool after use**

Place your new decorative piece on a table, shelf, nightstand or any visible location for you and your loved ones to enjoy!