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Archives: Testimonial

– Stuart and Helen, Ottawa, ON

“I have been with IDC 4U for at least 5yrs now. I am very happy with all the daily care I receive and I have become close to the staff over the years. Staff from IDC 4U are very nice and dependable. I am happy I can rely on such great people to look after myself and my sister Helen. I can’t walk or sometimes and I have a hard time expressing myself so you as my caregivers are my voice, arms, and legs. IDC 4U takes me where I can’t go myself and I feel lucky to have people like this.”

– Dianne L, Ottawa, ON

“Thank you so very much for all the care you have provided for my parents over the last three months. Being 67 years old, living 1.5 hours away from my parents and their only offspring there have been many times when I have needed your immediate help. My Mom, due to her health care needs, requires a sitter with her at all times. When my Dad has required Emergency care and had to leave Mom alone, you have always come through. Thanks again for your excellent care.”

– Thomas, Ottawa, ON

“I wish to thank you for sending us the caregiver team. They were excellent caregivers and treated my father with dignity and compassion. They responded to his sometimes unrealistic requests with care and professionalism. Thank you for your daily 12-hour support.”

– Peter Dole, Ottawa, ON

“A six-star rating really. The service we receive from Ideal Caregivers 4U has been outstanding! They are very flexible, Mom has needed anywhere from 3 to 24-hour care and Nancy is always quick to respond to our schedule changes (many times last minute). A fantastic crew of caregivers have taken care of Mom over the past year and have been very professional and personal in dealing with her every changing requirements. Special thanks to all for taking a keen interest in Mom’s well-being!”

– Ron E, Ottawa, ON

“IDC 4u are precise, caring, warm, dedicated professionals willing and able to go the extra mile. I will always be grateful for the care and companionship Carol and her excellent staff provided my mother when her Alzheimer’s made constant attention necessary in the last year of her life. It was a comfort to know they were there when we weren’t able to be and to read their carefully detailed notes afterwards. They were much-loved companions as much as attendants. Thank you.”

– Kelly F, Ottawa, ON

​”My father has Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home. I do not live in Ottawa, so I cannot visit him every day. I met Carol about 6 years ago. I was looking for someone to visit dad and stimulate his memory. Carol visits dad three times a week. They go for walks, read books and sometimes just sit and talk. They have become good friends. Dad jokingly calls her his “babysitter”. Having Carol visit dad gives me peace of mind. She watches out for him! Thank you IDC 4u!”

– Mrs. Brown, Ottawa, ON

“The caregivers show good work ethic by being attentive and taking care of my mom’s needs. We have the perfect match with our primary caregiver, Alice. She and my mom have become best friends. There is no way to measure how much Alice and IDC 4u have helped improve my mom’s quality of life. It makes all the difference in world.”