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Flower Pot Activity for Seniors

Looking for a way to usher in the Spring season for your loved one or older adult in your care? We put together a fun and colourful activity to brighten their day and nurture creativity and green thumbs! 

Flower Pot Painting

Painting clay flower pots is not only a fun way to let your loved one’s creativity out, it’s also therapeutic. The best part is, their beautiful creation also serves as a lovely vessel for planting spring flowers!

What you need:

  • Small or Medium sized clay pot

  • Acrylic paints, variety of colours

  • Paint brushes

  • Plastic cup or jar of water

  • Newspaper or disposable tablecloth

What to do:

  1. Sit at a table in a comfortable position.

  2. Place newspaper or disposable tablecloth on the flat surface.

  3. Make sure that all paints, brushes, and water (for rinsing brushes) are easily accessible for you, your loved one, or person in your care.

  4. Begin by placing the clay pot (found in most craft and dollar stores) upside-down. This will make the pot more sturdy and allow a space (bottom of pot) as a resting area for their hand, to easily turn the pot or for balance while painting.

  5. Begin to paint! You can provide images for them to copy or be inspired by, like flower shapes, polka-dots, stripes, ladybugs, butterflies, etc.

  6. Your loved one may prefer to paint freestyle and mix colours, or paint their pot a solid colour, and that’s OK!

  7. Once complete, allow to dry upside-down on the newspaper or in another area to keep safe.

To celebrate their creativity and the start of Spring, bring in some potting soil, flower seeds/bulbs, and some water to begin planting! Gardening is not only a great way to exercise their motor skills, but has also been known to reduce stress and provide relaxation. Planting can be done a couple of days after their painting session and will keep them focused on caring for the plant, watching it grow over the next few weeks, and be a cheerful addition to their room!

Happy Spring!