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Apple Prints

It’s Apple season here in Ontario with the start of September! This favourite activity for seniors in our care uses simple materials to create a unique design!

A perfect example of this is by using a simple apple as a stamp to create these adorable painted “pumpkins”. However, with the right accessories, you can make your own design! 

What you need

  • An apple; cut down the center

  • Craft paint – any colour

  • Colourful pipe cleaners or paper

  • Craft glue

  • Googly eyes and/or other embellishments (such as sequins, buttons, stickers, etc)

  • White craft paper or paper bags to decorate


  1. Begin by cutting your apple in half, vertically through the stem/core.

  2. Using a paintbrush, dab some paint on one half of your apple.

  3. Carefully press down the apple onto the paper.  You may place a variety of them in different areas around the paper or surface.

  4. Touch up any unpainted parts with your brush. Let dry.

  5. While your paint is drying, cut then twist your pipe cleaners around a pencil to create a curly leaf or even hands and legs for your design. You may also use craft paper to create the same effects.

  6. Glue them to your designs. Let dry.

  7. Using glue, attach the googly eyes or other embellishments to your fun artwork!

Don’t forget to display it for all to see! 🍎

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